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6.2 nothing much to do!!!

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I couldn't agree more, I also finish most of my weeklies the first 1~2 hours after wednesday depending on how much pvp I have to face to finish them especially in enemy side. Other than that it sucks having nothing to do since as early as Thursday. After that I only log a few hours when something happens, like EC or Idgel and a siege.

6.2 is a dessert, nothing to do.

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Always hated Idgel dome. Favorites were Kamar Battlefield and OW. Both gone, no idea why. I used to log in at around 11AM and it was almost constant something to do through the afternoon. Dredge, OW, Kamar and some daily quests. Now it seems I log in and bored to death . Dredge is just a run to the loot bag and done, most afk after that. Evenings was abyss forts, now we have 2 and done for a few days. Guess if you wanted to chase away people with boredom you have accomplished your goal.

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