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Fighting Spirit Fragment


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17 hours ago, Kubei-DN said:

PvP gear (all types) but weapons usually give at least 6. If you want more, you need to extract Legendary grade.

If ancient weapons give fix to 6 fragments? because I tried fews, it 6.

If ancient weapons give 6 fragments, so Legendary give 12 and ultimate give 24?

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On average PvP gear will give fragments equal to the amount of Kibrium used, sometimes a bit more or less (+/- 1~3). If the prices are affordable I'd just aetherforge the "lesser" pieces the guy above mentioned and extract those. If you get a masterwork proc sell it, those are not worth extracting as they don't give bonus Kibrium and upgrading them into purple for fragments is just a waste.

You could also buy PvP gear with Genesis Crystals and extract those, but once you start to approach +10 on your ancient PvP set you'll learn you'll want to buy the PvP enchantment stone bundles always.

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