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How do I get a mount?

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Sadly, the only other way for a permanent mount is real money (the BCM).

That said, there ARE tradeable, permanent mounts that existed before 6.2. There might still be some people selling them, so check the broker. I know the Phantom Charger was one and a few others I can't remember their name right off the top of my head. Expect them to be very expensive though, so if you're a new player, you wouldn't have enough kinah to buy them yet. :/

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There are two permanent mounts that cost like 10.000 prestige coins. One of them is a bird and it has amazing stats (it only drains 6 sec of flight with rush) which is the lowest at the moment.

Other than that you can buy from broker the mounts that people had prior to 6.2 and these will eventually get fewer and fewer

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I just want to make a small contribution to this subject for any of those new to Aion (like me).

For those of you New players getting the mounts through acorn purchases ... those are only available to you up to level 76. After you graduate, the shudo will no longer offer you those mounts.

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