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I know what happens next in Aion's storyline

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First there will be a new dragon lord. I won't tell the name because spoilers.

He will have powers over time and space.

We will destroy Erishkigal and it's army by itself.

The will try to get the same power that Beritra wanted.

So he will use his power to make time to turn back.

He will then reverse the destruction of Katalam and Daniria.

And of course, he will then sink the entire abyss into a black hole, never to be seen again.



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My guess is after we defeat/humble Fregion Aion 1 will end with peace in Atreia once again and we will get Aion 2 with a completely new enemy that shows up and have Balaur as a playable race with dragon form xform instead of archdaeva.  Remember Aion created the Balaur to protect humans.  The question is protect humans from who?  If you played Aion legions of war (mobile game)  you can see there are other planets you can cruise around in your little personal dredgion.  That is my guess on Aion's next arc.

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