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So, just starting a new topic on new text issues found with the new patch adjustements made on 14th november.

When you drop a Transformation Contract bundle in Mirash Sanctum or anywhere else, the name doesn't show up.


Also, it does show up like this when looted.



When you open the Gold Sand Traders, you can't see the name of the Transparent Scrolls Bundle, but just a orange bundle which costs 3 ingots, with no clues on what it's containing.



Hope this can help you. @Cyan

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On 11/16/2018 at 5:49 AM, Cyan said:

Yep this is on our known issues we will be fixing it soon. :) 

and also some text on skills like on chanter there is a buff that says "speedis" nstead of :speed is" and on vaizels wisdom it doesnt has % on it but when i play my sorc on danaria it has some bug and things are fixed andapplied on other server why not on EK? and alot of bug still experiencing

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