Hello, I would like to know if the Ranger Skill: Blazing Trap [item:140001165] is working as intended for Aion 6.x. Is Blazing Trap physical or magical damage? In Aion 5.8, Blazing Trap's damage would increase if Ranger had more Magic Boost. in Aion 6.x Magic Boost has been changed/modified into Magic Attack and is not intended for use for the Ranger class. I use a Blazing Trap Stigma at +12 (+9 + 3). at +12, Blazing Trap's damage is about the same as Ranger skill Dead Shot and is a dramatic decrease in damage from 5.6. Is the dramatic decrease in damage as intended - or - has this skill's damage not been updated to Aion 6.x? Thank-you for any information you can provide about weather or not Blazing Trap is working as intended. MayBlue