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reduce fail rate on L75 Ap accs

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title says it all....... I've broken at least 7x L75 ap ears just trying to go to +5..... not like I'm doing anything crazy and going for +7 or anything. I've reached +4 one time and it broke going to +5, two of them broke going from +1 to +2. Maybe reduce the failure rate NC..... this is crazy. I'm sure other people have horror stories that are worse than mine but it still sucks to spend 10.3 million AP and 679 Spinels and have absolutely nothing to show for it (i might have got AP back on like 3 of these most of the time like 10k)....

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10 hours ago, Kubei-IS said:

Well, the new lvl 80 accs in 5.8 don't break upon failed enchant, they just reset to 0. You can try again and leave them as they are and wait for the new update instead.

are you able to outright purchase the new accessories? or are they purify-upgrade only?

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2 hours ago, Kubei-IS said:

Rip. The good news is that there's a new tempering solution in 5.8 that upon failed enchantment, the level goes down by 1, rather than reset to 0.

will this new tempering solution break breakable archdaeva accessories?

Purification only, you need to have tempered the level 75 ones to 7. Same goes for wings and other stuff (enchanting instead of tempering).

ill look forward to the wings, since enchanting can be guaranteed, but theres no guarantee for accessories so that's gonna be out of my league.

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