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We need this minor change since 2011.

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Hi, i want to ask, now that we are actually having major changes supported by Korean devs, i believe it's time for something that i believe EVERYONE on the game will be truly thankful, and is just a tini tiny change on the game which is...: set as predetermined loot the "Free for all" + "Roll dice", currently, we are still having that horrible Round Robin+Roll Dice system as the basic loot rule, and we all have to change it manually, we, the old players, but new people and i remember when i was new on the game, is really annoying to don't know why in the hell you can't loot all mobs when you are in a group. Nobody in whole Atreia use that setup loot , it doesnt even worth to use it, its useless. So please @Cyan help this eternal annoying option end for good and for once, just change Round Robin for Free for All, becuz the Roll dice its already there.

Thank you .


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7 hours ago, ArmeniaX-KT said:

With all these problems we are having in the game right now, with all enchantment rate drama, pay 2 win problems, ungetable items, you decided to speak about the default value of the loot -_-, really...

this is a problem that could get fixed easily by changing a deafult option, all that you mentionted requires permisson from devs, the client and ofc test and study the impact in the game, those are not "problems", because the game actually is like that, those are needs, due our current situation as players,  which have been  empowered specially by the population problems, and core decisions from korea's basic game.

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Never thought about this but I agree and I also believe it is something that can be changed easily. Of course it is already an automated move by me to change the looting rights instantly when I am a leader of a group or alliance, so for me it is not really anything that "bugs" me.

If I could change something would bet he auto loot pet not looting everything when in party with the right settings that allows it. like you still need to manually loot anything that needs roll etc.

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