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Fix enchantment rates, really... (some basic math inside)

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Can confirm the rates are absolutely atrociously garbage. It doesn't help the fact the little availability of legendary and ultimate stones makes things difficult. Maybe add them for Genesis Crystals

With patch 6.5, the Ancient -> Legendary promotion will be a LOT more feasible, but if there is no increase of availability of legendary PvP stones, the Legendary -> Ultimate promotion will stil

Just to add a different perspective to this- really NC West doesn't seem to learn from the past.   1. Way back when Miragent/Fenris first came out, part of the quest was very grindy and was

They should add an npc that can exchange ancient pve/pvp enchant stones with legendary stones and ultimate stones.

Then everybody keeps busy with those weeklies and camps to get genesis crystals, which you can use to buy ancient pvp enchant stone bundles.

You would need these to exchange your ancient enchant stones with legendaries, after that, you would need legendary stones to exchange them for ultimate stones.

A proper rate might be 10 to 1 or so, or maybe 20 to 1, as you can buy alot of bundles using genesis crystals every week.

So you need 10 enchant stones to get 1 legendary and you need 10 legendary to get 1 ultimate.

This would generate a new source of those stones we are lacking.

And they should make it so that you don't lose enchantment level once you get above +10, instead of dropping all the way back to +10 upon failure.

It may fail below +10 and drop 1 level, but once you reach +10, the rates are so low that you should not lose another level, not to mention failing to go from +14 to +15 results in a drop back to +10. That's just ridiculous because you don't just lose that stone upon failing, but you need to waste 2-4 other stones to get back to +14 where you started.

So you may need 5 stones to get no progress. And with such limited amounts of stones, it will take an eternity for casual players to get their full gear to legendary.

If it takes 1 months to get 1 piece to legendary, then it takes 16 months to get a full set of gear to legendary, because you have 16 pieces of gear (one handed weapons require 1 more months because it's another extra piece of gear).

How hard will it be for casual players to reach ultimate set? 3 years minimum? By then, Aion 8.0 will be around the corner and your 3 years of intense enchanting will be useless because you will need to sell your gear to an npc for 1 kinah.


I'm leveling my craft so I can get at least legendary set in a reasonable amount of time, even if I have to farm several hours every day to get the required mats.

It would still be ALOT faster than enchanting genesis gear, and the end result will not be as good of course, but farming to get enchant stones and getting nowhere with your +10 ancient gear that just won't pop to legendary is even worse than using legendary/ultimate crafted gear.

And what's with the legion horse that became a temporary mount? Who can gather 400+ legion coins every week on the side to even keep that horse (buy it again and again, week after week)? NCSoft may just remove it from the game because nobody farms that much legion coins on the side every week while they're bored because of lacking enough content to keep them busy every day.


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I have come to the conclusion the algorithm they have for enchants (there is no real random numbers in algorithms) are making it so you will keep failing. No matter what they tell you or promise you, the enchant fail algorithm is one that makes sure people will keep wasting more and more, they think this way we will give real money to succeed, they do not understand this is a good reason people actually quit!

they surely nerfed the enchant rates or have a special algorithm that makes it impossible to enchant.


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A double post, today I tried to enchant my legendary boots from +10 to +11 and I used 7 legendary enchant stones. NOT A SINGLE ONE took it to +11. That is about 350m new kinah worth of enchant stones and my boots never went to +11!

If there is anything we know, it is that we didn't get the Korean official enchant rates for sure, we got a regional nerf and I find it insulting the GMs here pretend they are trying to get 6.5 enchant rates because regional nerfs are what THEY request. It is not like Korean NCSoft said "hey lets scroo the US servers", it is the regional publisher who is responsible for destroying the game this way.

Same way shards both in Korea and EU are very cheap to buy, while in us they are a luxury item.
Same way transparent transformation scrolls, both in Korea and EU are very cheap to buy, while to us they are a luxury item (used to be 80 BCM coins, now taken to 20)
Same way selective retuning, both in Korea and EU are very cheap to do (1 luna/quna per try) while to us it costs a fortune (80 luna per try)!

I left EU aion in 2010 when GF took over and up until 5.8 I was happy with my decision, it is that in 6.2 NCWest decided to be the worst publisher of Aion ever.

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