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Update Loot Tables / Fix bundle drops/rates/opportunity / EVENT IDEA?


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1. Fix the loot table drop rates, specifically in the dungeons and instances where there was once abyss point items and the chests now provide a tiny kinah and white armor item reward. The world timers should be updates with more availability allowing more world boss and world mini boss monsters providing both factions with more activities daily. The way the drops get distributed is messy and chaotic and needs more streamlining to provide all who participate in the event equal opportunity to obtain drops.

2. I would say change the loot distribution system via allowing an "event" area to trigger auto grouping/alliancing and then sends all loot directly to players new "loot mail inventory" this will allow contribution to directly affect rewards. Fixing this would increase player online times and productivity and push towards a larger end game population.

3. Most bundles currently give 1 Item from them. I suggest different tiers of bundles with different quantities of drop rates in those bundles (PVE Greater Enchantment Stone Bundle) *Drops 1-3 stones.

4. Spend a little labor time fine-tuning map design and updating overall map. "Invisible-walls/bushes" and map clipping where players get stuck is 1% of the problem, where seasonal and event based design doesn't happen enough to make Aion truly feel alive. Placing a few NPC characters in town would feel a lot different than say christmas trees and reindeer mobs spawning everywhere. And maybe those reindeer mobs could drop presents... sayyyy in the form of PVE/PVP stones / Item boxes / Candies / Transformation scrolls/contracts/etc/etc/etc/etc... new server hurting for better gear... ily... Free2Player4Life.

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