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Attack speed and movement speed

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All your scrolls are gone. The only exception I found were the boxes from medics event. People who keeped those boxes and never opened, now can get some 30 mins scrolls (unfortunatelly I opened all my boxes 2 days before 6.2 and now I want to kill myself). You will find some players using those scrolls. but you can not get them. 

Some items will increase your speed, casting speed or attack speed. Unfortunatelly you need to have ultimates or legendary items for that. And the bonus is smaller than before. But if you keep your old gear, you can still use your old boots or gloves. You will lose some stats but sometimes seems to be better. 

Transformations can provide a lot of movement and attack speed. But is an expensive way to have it. I suggest to keep your trasnformation contracts for some hard instances. 

Just like you everyone is complaining with this.... and also with other new things too...  We should plan a massive visit to NCSoft headquarters. xD 

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