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Instance Entry Option

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Quick Entry, generally referred to as Quick Queue, means that you are put on a queue for that instance. Whoever is in it, can be matched with a group that lacks a member. It can also throw you in in matches which have already started. This option is meant fo those days when you dont feel like getting a group and just want to go inside. Some people AFK, some give up, some win, etc.

Private Entry is an option for groups. As the group leader (otherwise you cant use this option), you can select it, and your group will be queued up for the instance. Once it pops, everyone in your group will join the same match.

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With Private Entry you wait for a group from other people applying to be formed before you can enter, Quick entry is still pretty much the same, but if there is already a started instance that lacks a player or players you can get thrown in there aswell. Click the Help button in the application windows, they are explained there.

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