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Motions and Titles and thanks !


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Hello, Well first I wanted to congratulate you for the work done in this 6.2 patch. If you asked me in July if I would return pro aion I would say for sure that no but this patch brought back the good memories I had in the 2.x phase. In the legion that I am many people who did not speak to the years reestablished contact thanks to the aion. Please keep this up. The game looks great.

I would suggest two things with the vision of who has years in this game, In this patch I decided to change class and much of what I invested were in another char. But what is it? Motion and titles. I think these items influence far less than the contracts and could be bought with the account. Besides that there are no more titles in BCM and as I do not know if it will come in the future this implies a little advantage, little more an advantage for who has it.

As for the motions I would get to leave the coolest char with the ninja motion but I did not find it in the game.

The transformations are very annoying the players due to their skins, because although it has transparency causes a lot of disturbance and annoying to have to use skin of transformation and this is a feedback of a good part of the players feel free to search.

Sorry to use the ticket to give feedback but as I created a topic in the forum and was not answered I decided to be more direct.

Thanks again for bringing the game I love back. Aion game since the beginning of 2.0, at the time still paid monthly. Thank you and sorry for creating this ticket.

"Good asmo is dead asmo"

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I am very disaffected because of these problems, titles no longer exist and who has, has an advantage over which does not have, which is very unfair after all is not a case of you battling and get yours, in this case there is no more then you never will have
  the advantage has always existed even with the same transformation equipment, who has a title of 2% of attackspeed / speed will always have an advantage over who does not.
So I'm waiting today to get an answer on my topic, if there is nothing I'll leave the game.

Rewarding title solution in creating accounts or something. after all, title not infuenciencia in anything is not going to make you win or lose money after all you are not selling anymore, and for a good time even with a lot of titles will buy aion chosen.

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