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[Assassin] How to EB


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I've seen several sins ask for guidance on how to do their job in EB. So I gathered some videos explaining the various things sins have to do (note: none of these are made by me but they helped me a lot when I started doing EB on my sin)


This video explains everything a sin might ever have to do (camps, cave, dog)

By the king of sins, Jake.


A video on how to do fast camps so you can afk go help the other groups faster.

By Poolz/Steel


A different approach to camps/cave

by Kahza


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Although my guide I made still holds a lot of relevance, I've been meaning to make a more newer improved one, but I haven't done EB in ages lol. There are some things I think could be explained better and I could have shown more, and there are some other things you can do when you've become more experienced at soloing the camps. 

I'd also suggest instead of going for the jump and glide to just run with the Supply Group (after mid camp) to help them clear, as most times in pugs they tend to have some sort of trouble and it helps things go more smoothly. 

Thank you for sharing my video though. :)

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