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Help me.. i just want to ask about quest

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That level 66 is not the real quest it just says that you need to be level 66 to continue with the campaign, once you are lvl-66 you get the campaign mission, which at that level is a tad bit hard. Try to do the Luna Taki quests so you level faster or do all the dark blue star quests if you still have some to do, before trying the drakenspire depths (spl?) :)

Good luck.

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You can't redo the blue quests if it is an instance quest (My experience anyway, not sure if others are the same.  The second try in the instance does not give you the quests nor the completion criteria).  You just have to click on abandon for those that you didn't manage to complete in your first try in the instance.  As for the level up, you can do the Luna Taki quests.  Also if you're feeling adventurous, you can go to Inggison / Gelkmaros / Cygnea or Enshar and click on some of the NPCs there.  Those NPCs don't have any blue arrows floating over them, but when you do click on them, some of them will present blue quests to you.  If you have a low level char. and are able to do the quest line, then you will know which NPCs have the quests.  Some of the quest lines will actually present you with quests that give you stigmas (i.e. Taloc's Hollow NPCs).  So, if you missed them due to your level, you might just want to visit back and do them if you have the time.  The main quest line doesn't activate though, as it's based on your level.

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11 hours ago, Anyageraldine-DN said:

No.. i want to backup the quest or do the quest again

You cannot do quests that you have done already. :)

If you need to level up to level 66 and you do not have any dark blue quests try to do the light blue quests or kill mobs till you are lvl66.

One of my characters has just done the Drakenspire Depths the level 66 campaign, she was just level 66, the experience did not even fill one bar but it was easy. When you enter the instance you get lots of help from NCP and you level up fast too, plus there is one quest that gives you a nice bracelet as rewards..... it is a very interesting instance/campaign. Well, it was for me I had fun doing it.

My advice, get into it as soon you reach level 66 you will like it! :)

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