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Gotta say they've alot of information:   Aion 7.0 First Info. New region -natively named "Deumaha"-  catters to Beritra, indeed.  Means "darkness" and used to be the land of Apsu (Beritra's

Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that all the removed maps, (and some other removed content), from pre 6.0 wil be making a "comeback" at some point in the future heralded as "new and exciting" con

Now we can see Ereshkigal is gone for good. Plus, she went out Thanos "I don't feel so good" style. Damn, Beritra played her (and the player, as well, although Atis was some bad disguise. Guess, inten

4 minutes ago, Xauieo-DN said:

There is talk about the Aethertech class being changed to Magic Plate in 7.0.

And for those who don't know yet, new Class is Physical Cloth.

Does it mean a Metal Songweaver with a guitar?? Although, leather with spikes would be more appropriate to them.

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Stella Industries- New 6 man Instance with 2 difficulty levels, easy and normal (hard and a new difficulty added later), with 2 paths, one normal and one with unique navigation. Possible to get ultimate gear on easy mode.

BoS will be turned into solo instance and made much smaller and will drop ancient equipment. Mirash is being removed.

FM will be 3 man instance, will drop ancient and legendary equipment.


NTC being re-added, but it’ll be a monotony type breaking instance to help speed up leveling.


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@Sidik-DN Assuming that this is your video..... I was wondering if you could please give us a preview of the hairstyles in the character maker? We have noticed in this current update that most of the hairstyles are having graphic issues where the hair color is bleeding into the face, some of the textures are flattened etc.. I would really appreciate it if we could see if these problems are being fixed in 7.0

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19 hours ago, MetaBlack-KT said:

Is it a new class? These skills don't look beautiful to me, rather vulgar. Songweavers are better, they are elegant. You would better create a Heavy Metal/Black Metal guitar player!

I am disappointed that they're not creating a martial artist/monk class.  Now, that would be beautiful and elegant.

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17 hours ago, Rohanna-KT said:

I am disappointed that they're not creating a martial artist/monk class.  Now, that would be beautiful and elegant.

Martial Artist as one subclass and Mentalist as the other subclass. The fighter could use bronze-knuckles and/or nun-chucks, while the Mentalist could use either hypnosis type weapons or some sort of aether stone of meditation (psychic powers).

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New sets from Aion 7.0!

(Credits: Ksenkarions, for the YT vídeos and Xanoa, from Aion GF forums' original post.)

First is the one you can upgrade from current Genesis. Tier 2 stuff.


 And one "Stella" (7.0 lore company) set - yet to confirm if that is the new craft one or instance drop


Both plates of the two sets look really cool!

Also, awesome "Kill Billish/Narutoish jacket" Songweaver around the 1:13 mark in second vídeo!

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