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Worth playing in Katalam as new?

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It won't be quick and you may die a lot, but you can catch up. Your best bet would be to get into a decent legion and make some friends. Ask the PvP minded people in the legion if they will help you get your camps down each week if you have trouble. They get PvP and you get guards. Losing in ID and Evergale still gets you decent rewards, so make sure you go to those each time they are up. Dredg isn't as good if you lose, but try to go at odd times to increase your chances are rewards. You can solo COE with quest gear and some of the accessories from Mirash. Once you have a full-ish set of COE gear, you can start getting into FM and BS groups. Once you are half+ legendary gear, you can move on to PF and IDD.

It's all a progression, but it all starts with getting into a legion and making some friends.

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