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Change Idgel Dome Kunax Point Value

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I always get annoyed losing an ID even with complete PvP dominance. Like today we had 28 kills to their 1 but still lost 7k points to 10k because they got kunax kill credit. I'd suggest either lowering his point value or changing it to match DPS contribution. As in if you do 51% of damage, you get 51% of the points rather than 100. Otherwise what's the point of the PvP at the start? Just have kunax spawn immediately and skip the first couple minutes of time-wasting nonsense.

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8 hours ago, Rainburrow-KT said:

Otherwise what's the point of the PvP at the start?

Main point it's wipe opposite team and lock with fire wall in moment of kunax spawn. So if you can't do it it's means what you had fair pvp only and kills means nothing, maybe you just killed 1-2 same ppls again and again while others was always alive.

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It's a case of playing smart and to the objective, which is to kill Kunax. Kill him and you win.

And yeah, it's annoying. I think it's one of the reasons that ID was changed to IDL, but then it went from a "kill Kunax" to "click the things". If you want pure PvP where only PvP matters, I think you need to stick to arenas.

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