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buying a new PC

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Hello! I dont know if im allowed to post this here but oh well. I want to buy a new PC and I dont have much money so heres what I saw

- AMD Ryzen 5 1400 3.2GHz x4 x8
- Msi Geforce Gtx950 Gaming 2g 2gb Pci-e 
- MEMORIA RAM: 8GB DDR4 2400 (Prolly gonna get another one to have 16GB)
- Evga 600w bronze power supply

Would that setup run AION smoothly? I honestly dont play much games on PC other than AION and some other game cause I mostly play on PS4.

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Hello. A bit late reply here. The gtx 950 is a last-gen gpu. You can get the gtx 1050 for roughly the same price, and it would get you a bit more performance. Other than that, you should be good. Also, if you can, squeeze an SSD in there and install Windows and AION on it. You can get a 275 GB Crucial MX300 just below 100$ and it's a solid buy. Enjoy your new PC.

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