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Why Songweaver/Chanter can't be balanced to be main healer?

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for the record with a good set up pre 6.0 I was a full heal chanter and whent for full heal boost gear and was able to compete with clerics even though chanters are single target healers my ability to compete relied on 2 things Recovery spell and my ability to swap party members simultaneously with out the use of my mouse and swapping group member became easier it takes me about 1 second to switch and pop a heal I can actually switch group members faster then most clerics can

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Cos clerics will be obsolete.

Only thing clerics got are the heals when it comes to support role.

Chanter and Songweaver have so much utility and support skills. Giving them equal healing capabilities as cleric will totally kill cleric class.

If devs wanna make chanter and songweaver main heals, then they will have to create more utility and support skills for cleric.

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