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Bug at stats profile

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Hello, I tried to submit a ticket for this, but for some reason, it doesn't let me.

Anyways, the problem is that all the time my stats goes red, like if I wasn't wearing any armor, they decreased by a lot for a few seconds, I don't know if this happen while I'm fighting, but I've noticed it happens all the time, I recorded a video so it can be more understandable. Seems like a bug to me, hope I can find some help. Thanks.

>> Video 

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I have also seen this. I took a few pictures on my home PC to send in a ticket but it wasnt working.

I am glad to see its not just me. Oddly enough, it doesnt happen on my Cleric but on my characters created before 6.0. I can confirm that it also happens in combat but happens consistently when standing still.

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18 hours ago, Honeyboy-DN said:

it doesnt happen on my Cleric but on my characters created before 6.0. 

Glad aswell is not only me, well I made this character at 3.0 so maybe you are right about that, i will check my newest toons, but this continuously happen all the time, I wish @Cyan could read this and help out.

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Sorry to necro this old thread, but this issue is being discussed in another thread. Here is what I've added to the discussion. If anyone has any other info to add, that would be good. (Especially if you've had it happen to you with no chanter in your group.)

5 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

One other thing you might check when you have a chanter in your group. Pull up your profile and set it to the side so you can see your stats. If you notice them go red intermittently (like your stats go negative), ask your chanter to remove their mantras, count to 5 or 10, then put them back on. There is a bug that chanters sometimes get when we have our mantras up for too long that will cause everyone who is affected by the mantras (including ourselves) to get negative stats intermittently. This will really hurt your dps. I will remove my mantras and re-apply them before every boss fight because of this.

That's a long shot, but it is possible, so thought I'd mention it.


10 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

I've seen it mentioned on the forums (this one and the old forums) a couple times throughout the past few years, but it's pretty uncommon. For example, the last time it happened to me personally was probably back in like January. However, it happened to a groupmate of mine like a month ago. He was pretty confused and I was like, "Wait a minute, I'll fix it" and re-applied my mantras lol. :/ It didn't happen to him again while we were grouped.

So I'm not coding-savvy or anything, but it's my GUESS that it has to do with the way it affects your stats. Obviously, mantras boost your stats. I think sometimes (rarely) the mantra coding will get glitchy and the red stats bug happens.

Here's another thread about it. You'll see that the two people commenting on the thread are both chanters. Note, I am not positive that it is chanter mantras causing it; that is just my best guess as anytime it has happened to me (on any of my toons), there has been a chanter -- either me or someone else in the group.


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