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Some Help on Upgrading My PC

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Your setup is fine (overkill) as it is.

A SSD helps if you don't already have one (I'm betting you do).

The game is just poorly optimized regardless of what hardware you have.

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I can help you there then. Check to see if your motherboard supports NVMe. If so, get a NVMe SSD. If not, get a SATA SSD.

Now is the best time to get them since Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Holiday sales are ongoing.

As for what you'll need: A NVMe SSD will only need an available port and you can just plug it in. A SATA SSD will need  cables to connect them to your motherboard and power supply, and mounting brackets. You can find kits that provide you with everything you need. You'll also want cloning/mirror imaging software to copy your existing HD onto your new SSD. You can find free versions here: Cloning software

With regards to the actual SSD: There are many popular brands, but Samsung. 860 Evos/Pros are widely used and highly rated/reviewed by consumers.

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