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Review the FEAR ! Too many fear...

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The fear absolutely need a nerf.

I play Asmo/Katalam … Since 6.2 the leveling is very fast and we see A LOT of spiritmaster.

There is 1 asmo for 5 elyos. On these 5 elyos, there are 2 spiritmasters who ...instant fear….fear….fear….fear… the 2nd fear...fear….fear….fear … and OH a zerg. So while you are fear/fear/fear  you CAN'T DO NOTHING.

We are zerged, we are 1v4 2v4 2v6, Week-end it's 2 v 12 … and we are fear...fear….fear…. and fear again… and oh, fear…… 

0 gameplay, 0 fun.

Aion need to nerf the fear. Like World of Warcraft did like 12 years ago…. It should be only ONE fear…. the aoe fear …. And more you are feared, more you're unsensitive … Spirimaster has a huge dps, a huge gameplay … I play Aion since 7 years ago, I played SM years… I saw also SM playing and Killing without any fear in pvp with normal pvp gear…. 

Now people reroll spirimaster, they come in zerg and wait to fear people like me trying to play and having fun in pvp… I'm only in ancient pvp stuff… I DON'T cash shop and it takes for me a month to up ONE piece +15 because lot of fail.

How the game can be equilibrated ??? It is already very hard to play… I just met a chanter 4 star off … me SW + my cleric … we full hit him…. it's the same if I hit a wall …. Nothing happen and he 2 shoted me and 4 shoted the cleric. Where is the fun in the game now ? Before 6.2 I was hiding in base because people were master commander +25 .. it's starting to be the same.

Please, nerf fear, give people more gameplay … Or make the fear like Penguin/tree … it brokes when you got hit.



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Fear problems are as old as Aion, it is the single most irritating skill in game, since you cannot avoid it, you cannot self dispell it and it lasts a pretty good amount of time, enough for the SM to render you useless with 2 rows of debuffs and remove all your buffs.

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