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List of Spiritmaster debuffs not dispellable by Aegis Breaker, Dispel Magic

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Aegis Breaker / Magic Explosion

Dispel Magic

Ignite Aether

Magic Implosion


The above skills cannot dispel the following spiritmaster debuffs:

EL_Fear_Porguss_G1    Fear: Poppy / Fear: Porgus
EL_Fear_Saam_G1    Fear: Ginseng
EL_HellCurse_G1    Infernal Blight
EL_HellCurse_G2    Infernal Blight
EL_HellCurse_G3    Infernal Blight
EL_TerrorSpirit_G1    Fear Shriek
EL_FireFear_G1    Curse of Fire / Curse: Fire Spirit
EL_WaterFear_G1    Curse of Water / Curse: Water Spirit
EL_DespairCurse_G1    Flames of Anguish
EL_Fear_G1    Fear
EL_PlagueSwam_G1    Cursecloud
EL_PlagueSwam_G2    Cursecloud
EL_PlagueSwam_G3    Cursecloud
EL_PlagueSwam_G4    Cursecloud
EL_PlagueSwam_G5    Cursecloud
EL_PlagueSwam_G6    Cursecloud
EL_DecayingWing_G1    Wing Restraint / Wing Root
EV_EL_TerrorSpirit_G1    Nightmare Scream
EL_TerrorSpirit_Custom_A    Nightmarish Shriek / Nightmare Curse
EL_TerrorSpirit_Custom_B    Nightmarish Lament / Nightmare Sorrow
item_skill_proc_fear_u2_70a    Fear

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