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Asmo lvl 9 Ranger stigma trade

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I have nearly full level 9 ranger stigmas on KT asmo.  Agonizing, Sharpen arrows, Lethal Arrow, Focused Shots, Natures Resolve, Dilation, Skybound, Deluge, Gale arrow, Lightning arrow, all level 9.  Explosive, Heart shot, Hunters MIght all level 5ish.  

I am no longer playing on this server.  I am on the new server as well as cross faction.  I would be willing to trade all my stigmas on KT for 2 stigmas leveled to 9 on the new server.  For anyone who is looking to level their Ranger stigmas to 9 this would be a much more efficient process. Let me know as it would have to be specific stigmas leveled so as to be useful. 

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