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Best Ancient transformation for chanter PVP?


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Fennec Fox, Tarha Krall and Cat are all good choices for dpsing. If you're pure support and healing for long periods of time however, better grab a cast speed one (any of them really, the highest cast speed the better, like Bloodfang and Tiamat Drakan). Ultimately, you can even use one of the half-cast, half-attack speed ones: Denku, Tejhi or Ereshkigal Drakan (although personally I'd just switch between pure atk speed and pure cast speed every time, but kinah might be tight for burning through dozens of transformation scrolls, so it might not be the best option all the time).

Of course, if you're running around/after people/from people a lot, it's better to count out transformations with higher atk/cast speed but lower movement speed (so Bloodfan, Tiamat Drakan and Fennec Fox) and rather use those with 50% movement speed instead.

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