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Installing Aion


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So I was cleaning up my computer and noticed over the years somehow I had 2 different NCsoft folders + 2 Gameforge ones + the 2 PTS servers + the Steam Aion file +NCsoft West folder.

Each file was 30+ gigs large... so kinda taking up alot of space, so I decided to uninstall and delete all of them and do a fresh install to make some room (free'd up 300+ gigs of room on my SSD woot!) 

Went to the Aion main-website and clicked the download "Download Game" in the top left corner and then went to run the AionInstaller.exe. 

 It keeps giving me the error: 

 "WARNING! The NCSOFT Game Launcher is not installed.
Please install it and try to repair Aion again.
Repair will now exit." 

Then it closes out. I looked all over the NCsoft webpage but I can't find a link to download the NCsoft launcher. I thought maybe it was just my desktop causing this issue so I went and got one of my laptops that never has had Aion on it before, went to download the game, same thing pops up.   So my question is...how do new people install the game and how do I fix this? 


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Just now, Pylinaer-KT said:

Make sure Windows knows that Aion is uninstalled through control panel.

That was one of the first things I did, but thanks. Also that shouldn't of mattered on my laptop cause it's never had any games on it before, in fact it's a fresh install of windows 7 on it lol

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Update:  Legionmate was able to send me a download link for the NCsoft launcher that seems to be working so far, but it was through a 3rd party.... not through NCsofts webpage... So kinda still curious what the GMs have to say about this....

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Just wanted to also add on, I posted this on a few Aion facebook groups, sounds like it's a very common issue new and returning players are having... Kinda completely shocked NCsoft hasn't fixed or addressed this.... How are new/returning players suppose to play if they can't download the game directly from the website? 

For those with the same issue, someone finally found a link on the NCsoft Support site after some digging:


For the record, you have to do some careful navigating to find this download... New players don't stand a chance. 

(Also not 100% sure if the download there even works since I'm using that one from a 3rd party site)

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