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A Solution to the GP Problems/Complaints?

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GP has been a hot topic so far in 6.2, and after considering the many various thoughts and opinions I've heard, I think I have come up with a possible solution.
But first, putting all opinions aside here are the basic facts: 

1. Unless the gap between players' rank happens to be tiny, it is impossible to rank up unless the people already above you from previous patches happen to give up. (KT/DN)
2. GP can only come from siege, resulting in the removal of all non-sieging xform players. (KT/EK/DN) 
3. After a short while the ranks on all servers will plateau; the top 100 will be the same top 100 for the whole patch and nobody has a chance to try and move up. (KT/DN)

In order to maintain a ranking system that prevents PVE GP hoarders from blocking access to siege Xforms, while also making it possible to rank up if a player should choose to do so, I would propose a system wherein GP rewards are added back into PVP instances for additional GP gain, but in order to maintain an Officer Rank of any kind a player must gain a minimum amount of GP from siege.  Either that or a minimum siege attendance would be required. Something like that which would make it impossible for a player to maintain an xform rank while not participating in the sieges as is intended for those high ranks.

This would allow for new/returning players to have their chance to rank up while keeping the benefits of the 6.2 ranking system. It is, so far, the best alternative I can think of and I would love to know any input any of you might have. @Cyan @Gideon @Hime I don't think I've seen any of you comment on the GP rank situation beyond the lowering of the required monthly GP, and I would love to know if the concerns players have about ranking up have reached your ears yet :)

Thank you all for your time ♪

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