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Sorcerers, in 7.0 your class gets deleted, what will you reroll?

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Pretty much. I am already way too pessimistic about 6.2 and in 6.5 it might get a slight better game play. But I am sure that my class ends in 7.0, my class gets practically deleted. No they will not hit /delete on the class, but they render it useless even more.

Just take a look at the sorcerer, they must have thought that we are so OP so they decided to nerf it all. It is not like we can heal and dps like SW and Clerics, or debuff and render the enemy useless and still dps like SM, or be able to semi-tank and still dps like gladiator or AT... we are supposed to dps and that is it. We are like a Cleric/SW without the heals, a SM without fear and 10 debuffs, we are like gladiator/AT minus the HP and survivability.


P.S. can they just delete sleep already? Nerfing it doesn't really make any difference, sleep is practically useless unless it is in strict 1 vs 1, everywhere else is practically useless.

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On 4/12/2018 at 4:50 AM, mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT said:

I don't know whether they have changed the PvP Damage Modifier of the various Sorcerer/Sorceress damage spells with the patch. I don't have access to the KR client so I won't be able to datamine the PvP damage modifier of these skills...

But the problem is that SM do not get that big of a nerf and even get some upgrades, right now I just lost in ID where 3 SM + 1 cleric, 1 archer +1 more (I do not remember what class) literally stepped on us, one SM had like 25k HP but it was impossible to get close to them, we had perma fear forever.

Three SpiritMasters is broken mechanics, nobody ever lost a game so easily if there were 3x sorcs for example.

BUT I am almost happy they are going to ruin the game so much for me because I was looking for a date to not only quit the game but delete my char and never look back. There is nothing to enjoy in a game when your class become the moving dummy that everyone can beat and test their skills on.

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Its easy to find out if they were nerfed or just reduced in base damage to match its pvp damage reduction. Stormstrike hits only for 60% in pvp, so just take the base damage of 9933 and multiply it by .6 and you get the 5960 damage it will be in 7.0. So its just a way to simplify things like they were trying to do with 6.0 so it makes sense. Also makes even more sense that they added a pve buff to vaizels wisdom to make up for it. So the damage skills were not nerfed in pvp, only just in pve which isnt a big deal. Now sorcs get a bind with the silence and BoIC got the buff it needed, sorcs are looking good in 7.0 

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