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Weekly Server Maintenance - December 5, 2018

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Just now, Apollo-DN said:

@Cyan please answer the question let people know that in the enchantment bundle there is at least 100 stones, this will stop all the negative comments yes I truly believe I am correct this time and it isn't 1 or 2.


this is Aion and Ncsoft that you are talking about..dont have high hopes like that

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Ok where to start . QUick math with MechEagle , so ....  3 daily quest who give 50 , so 150 by day + prestige 10 every hour for 3 hour so 30 , so basicly 150 + 30 = so 180 everyday , you need 1350 for

we don't want it lowered we want the original prices lmao

woops my hand slipped

Ok where to start . QUick math with MechEagle , so ....  3 daily quest who give 50 , so 150 by day + prestige 10 every hour for 3 hour so 30 , so basicly 150 + 30 = so 180 everyday , you need 1350 for a bundle , so basicly you need 7.5 days , so 8 days to get 1 bundle . so if you are the underdog faction basicly you cant get the special boss so you only get 1 bundle cause the event last 2 week . so basicly the faction who own the server got all the crafting mats from anomous boss w/e is name ( sorry i dont know is real name cause my faction never kill it ) and now the faction who own server will get extra enchant stone from event boss , and more bundle than losing faction ....... Sound legit !

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Please GOD tell me that this is a joke and this is not pre christmas event we are looking to have by 1 month of complete silence, millions of bugs and stuff to fix that still is giving nightmares even to the deepest hell PLEASE




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This is the big surprise they said they would give us for December !? Holy crap they gave us nothing!
They could learn from Korea a little
1. There is a vip that in conversion costs 10 dollars
2. Give greater and ancient transformation to account
3. Dão 2 Daevanion Selectable Skill
4. They give 30 day pack of 13.0 mounts
5. Give 50,000 Shards and place pack of 1,000 with cost 16,000 kinah
6. Have 2 ingame shops filled with cheap items by Quna, Kinah and Gold Bar
7. Has PVP instances to make 2 million AP per day
8. It has enchant rate that if gets to evolve to the ultimate in 1 month of game
9. Dão 10 stigma enchant
10. They don 2 pve complete legendary equipment with 3 complete legendary weapons
11. Give 1 minion grade A random
12. There is a npc that stays in each main city from level 1 to level 80 and gives a buff 40% move speed + 20% attack speed / cast speed
13. They give 150 transparent transformation scroll where each lasts 10min regardless of the type of transformation
14. We can redeem 1 free transformation contract every day at the Quna store.

Note *** Most of these items are given in level 10

Are not they watching the amount of people they are taking away from the game?

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I'm.. extremely disappointed by the event.So far, there are no drops of legendary pve stones except bcm, and now we waited 3 weeks to get a legendary stone bundle for doing quests for 8 days, so we can get it only once? (i'm assuming it'll give 3 legendary stones, which is absolutely NOTHING). Please consider giving more legendary pve stones, I can barely get to +3 on legendary gear with only ancients, since i don't have any more legendary stones.

I also like how there's a bundle for 7 genesis crystals that costs more than 3 legendary pots. Nice!

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Hi Cyan:

Available December 5 through January 9, 2019

Greater Transformation Contract Jumbo Bundle 5,100 BCC

Does that contains "Ancient" transformation contracts?  How many? Was it necesary? Don't they already have the white transformations bundles?

If that so, why would NCWest decided to take off from the Lakrunerk’s Shop Exchange the ancient contract that every other publisher had? Don't you already have so many complains about game beeing unbalanced by the ultimate exchange versus the new/returnings ancient gear? PTW can have good transformations and get to enjoy the game while players that can't donate wont even in Christmas event? seriusly?

Don't you see that items that NC is adding to bcm are unbalancing the game so much more? do they care?

And ppl is right, players that are from a lower population server wont have even the chance to get the higher cost items from event.

HOHOHO Daevas!

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This is not surprising .. Bad rewards ! and no transformation contracts because they are avoiding to loose the money getting from pay 2 win players .. Hahahahahaha please dont be so predictable next time .. its already December give us at least worth doing event ! WOOORTH DOING not WOOORTH PAYING .. i beg you !! thanks to the amazing staff and amazing owner of NCSOFT ............................................................................................. who always disappoints people who plays their game

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Jokes apart, I'm really disappointed by how you're managing the game lately. Everything is messed up. There's nothing really taken care about anymore.

Some days ago I was discussing on the forum about how many people are leaving just after joining the game it again after the update, now if this is how you're going to handle all that is happening right now, the one leaving it will be probably me.

Keep doing like this, and you'll soon lose ALL the community that you got back with 6.0. And then it'll be too late to think back.

Good luck.


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10 minutos atrás, Shokhan-DN disse:

Essa é uma grande surpresa que eles disseram que não queriam dezembro! Caramba, eles não nos deram nada!
Tópicos Relacionados:
1. Crie uma mochila
maior e mais antiga para levar
3. Dão 2 Daevantion Habilidade Selecionável
4. Dê um pacote de 30 dias de 13.0 montagens
5 Dê 50.000 Fragmentos e obtenha o pacote de 1.000 de 16.000 kinash
6. Ter 2 lojas no jogo cheias de itens baratos por Quna, Kinah e Gold Bar
7. Tem instâncias de PVP para fazer 2 milhões de AP por dia
8. Tem taxa de encantar que se manter evoluir para o último em 1 mês de jogo
9. Dão 10 stigma enchant
10. Eles don to 2 pve olean liation with 3 weapons lendárias intetas
11. Dê um grau minion A aleatoriamente
12. Há um npc que se fica em cada cidade principal do nível 1 ao nível 80 e dá um bônus de 40% de velocidade de movimento + 20% de taxa de ataque / velocidade de ataque
13. Os dados são de 15 minutos para
todos os tipos de dados.

Nota *** A maioria dos itens é dada no nível 10

Eles não estão observando uma quantidade de pessoas que estão tirando do jogo?

12. There is a npc that stays in each main city from level 1 to level 80 and gives a buff 40% move speed + 20% attack speed / cast speed

By what I see in Korea take the speed and attack speed had a planning as quoted has an npc that compensates this to the player

in NA they will simply withdraw and will not compensate in any way, that is, badly planned update, after all they are fixing things up to this day, bunch of dumb people who do not know how to work

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1 minute ago, Ele-DN said:

So much begging. Remember the 5.8 equipment exchange? lololol. No more free stuff handed out of nowhere.

Ah yes, it's not right for us to complain about shard prices that basically no one buys, cause they are MUCH more expensive than the other regions, but you know, the NA population always begs for free stuff, we should spend every single kinah we have on 1k shards! yay!

We NEED to have an event that gives a lot of legendary stones, by the time 6.5 comes everyone will be out of legendary pve stones, other than the super p2w people on bcm

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23 minutes ago, Cyan said:

Please don't power-shard-picture-spam the forums. It is getting lowered and I even added it to the maintenance notice, just not this week. :(

"Lowered" sounds like the price will be dropped to 3.7mil from 3.8mil. We dont want the price "lowered" we want.... "Please don't power-shard-picture-spam the forums" You are no fun.

Can you at least tell us what the lowered price will be, because if it isn't 16k you know there will be a riot.

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Come on NCSOFT tell us how many stones there are in the bundle, I and most people really don't want to waste 2 weeks running around like headless chooks just for 1 enchantment stone.

Tell me I am right that there is at least 100 stones "Lets Make Aion Great Again".

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