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I feel you man. You will also have the herp derp crowd that will jump in a say get better RNG. It is so annoying when you keep hearing about people who +15 their legendary's with ancient stones MULTIPLE times and here I am trying to just get something to +10 without failing back down to 0. Better yet, when the same people get multiple Ancients xforms and I have yet to see 1 from a looted contact. This game has always made most people feel like they wasted their time when you end up having nothing to show for it due to the failure system from enchanting which just isn't fun.

Welcome to Aion =\

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Everyone is saying RNG RNG i can say one thing to this peoples who believe in RNG, its bull shit all they are heard three letter word and saying like a monkeys. First and last

RNG depends on it how its implemented i doubt it can be real RNG more like semi rng to drain your pockets.

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Ancient item +10 -> +15 using only ancient stones is about 0.17% chance to happen, that is about 590 ancient stones needed.
Ancient item +10 -> +15 using only legendary stones is about 2.6% chance to happen, that is about 40 legendary stones needed.

Of course the above numbers are just chances, and chances mean you can get it first try, or never get it at all. A theory of chances also says the smaller a chance to happen is, the more prominent it is to never happen.

Example: A 99% chance of success is more likely to act like a 100% chance because that 1% will most likely never happen in real world. On the other hand a 1% chance of success will most likely act like a 0% since it will always fail in the real world.

With this being said, all you can do is wait for 6.5 where the chances will get a revamp (ancient items get +20%, legendary +10% and ultimate +0% increases)



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