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Hello friends.

A lot has been weighing on my mind, I realize that posts like this might have been recently made but I feel like it could use a bump.

I love this game, I've been playing Aion since I was a kid and quite frankly I feel as though the game has really lost of content.

 Content like:

  • Skins | Where did they go? There were so many that I really appreciated. 
  • PVE| Too PVP focused sometimes.
  • Items/Drop|The lack of drops from regular mobs is honestly upsetting, and the ability to acquire materials is also, very lacking. Including, how you can't farm other areas for drops if you're too high of a level is really quite a downfall in my opinion.
  • Kinah| Other than buying/selling its incredibly hard to collect enough kinah to even travel. I've had several moments where I couldn't even teleport to another location.
  • Dungeons| Apart from the rest, the lack of dungeons and other activities is upsetting, this is a team-based game, where communication comes into play. There simply aren't enough dungeons to do even at 80. 
  • BCM| There was so much in the BCM as I remembered it and seeing all of that content just disappear like it never existed was something else. 
  • Events| Keep those events coming, I think they're a great addition.
  • Crafting| Half the fun was crafting, convenience has come too much into play. 
  • Skills | The skills have been "nerfed" down way too much, upping the HP and lowering the the basic skill stats has been pretty destructive. I know it's a touchy area, but I think it'd be good to reconsider them.

I know there are a lot of players who probably feel the same way, and yes I understand there's all kinds of solutions around these things but based on my experience I haven't enjoyed it. I'm hoping the next patch will update these features and make up for it.

As a player: I like mmorpg's with lots of content, social-based activities, and overall other fun miscellaneous things to do. 




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I agree with you, but I feel like this is part of a changing game atmosphere.
MMORPG used to stand for 'massive, multiple online role playing game'. 
It meant that the game had:

  • PvP content (dueling, arenas, ow pvp, sieges)
  • PvE content (killing mobs, endgame raids)
  • RPG content (character customisation, questing, story)
  • Lifeskill content (gathering, crafting, trading)
  • Social content (grouping up, forming community)
  • and so much more...

Catering to many different kind of players is what made an mmorpg truly 'massive'.
(Even if the PvP for example isn't done as well as in a pure PvP game, people still feel attracted to the large scale of it).

Sadly, once an mmorpg gets population problems, a lot of its content gets irrelevant, or hard to do (since no people around to do it with).
The solution in modern mmorpgs is to just tone everything down, and make it more 'easy & straight forward'.
For Aion, that meant a huge loss in content and the game being minimalised from what we experienced before.
Not thinking of it as a true mmorpg helps, because basically we now have:

  • a singleplayer campaign / tutorial from lvl 1-75 (or 80)
  • a gear based endgame with a couple PvE instances leading to (currently) 1 true endgame raid
  • a toned down PvP experience which still takes the focus at endgame
    (with the reasoning: pvp is eternal content, as long as people hack in on each other there be stuff to do).

The other stuff is so watered down it's more supporting the content than being content atm (for example crafting).

I truly hope we can see Aion go back to being a grand mmorpg, or for the next Aion game to be - but I have little hope. 
The demand for true mmorpgs is simply nothing compared to the mobile gambling market, the Battle Royale style games and the Mobas currently ^^

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