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Choose a class in 6.2

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I wanted to go back to the game but I'm not sure if to continue with my level 59 chanter ^^ U
I would like to know what important changes in terms of their functions have suffered the chanter, the bard, the AT, the summoner and the gunner. These are the classes that interest me most.
I'm looking for a class that can help the group while annoying the enemy (speaking of PVP), in PVE I really do not care, and also how difficult it is to manage the class.

I understand that the chanter only heals and huffs, it puts CCs also attacking and I know that in 1 vs 1 it is strong, but I do not know if it gets to do that function that I said.
The AT as tank I love, it's more my style, since I do not have much physical strength in real life and a tank like that is what I need.
The bard: the same question as with the chanter.
Gunner: as DPS I like it, and I'm looking for one from a distance, to be able to be mobile, that's why I chose this one.

I hope the answers ^^ Thanks in advance.

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Changes depends on how far back you stopped playing.

1.  Chanter - still a hybrid class.  Their dmg have been increased and they can survive better now.  However due to the new system in 6.x there is very little natural Crit Strike so you need to beef up alot on this stat otherwise it is difficult to critical hit anything.  Their new daevanion skill for Recovery Spell is quite good and can cleanse physical effects.  Chanters are slightly more linear now unlike previous where you had more flexibility in stigma choices and mantras.  Among the physical classes, its still the most forgiving among the melee for high ping players

2.   Bards - don't see anything different about them.  They are still very powerful.  Maybe now their support side is being beefed up more.  Changes incoming in 7.0 though.

3.  AT - one of the few classes which did not change much in the new patch.  Still powerful.  Wonderful to play if you have good ping but incredibly slow if you don't have the correct transformation potions/contracts

4.  Spiritmaster - their pets skills are quite powerful.  Can 3 shot a mob that is below level 80.  But the pet does not last more than a few hits against a named elite mob like Crittica or Lanork.  I believe the pet now also has pvp stats so you might be able to use it against players.  one of their daevanion skill is quite devastating as it aerial locks a group of players

5. Gunner - nerfed.  you need to be very fast in changing pistols and cannons back and forth.  Their cannon skills now have a casting time.  They still look good in leather though.  I think no more seeing through advanced hide?

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35 minutes ago, Xoth-DN said:

5. Gunner - nerfed.  you need to be very fast in changing pistols and cannons back and forth.  Their cannon skills now have a casting time.  They still look good in leather though.  I think no more seeing through advanced hide?

While it is true Gunners got a bit of a nerf hammer, they didnt change at all in between 5.8 and 6.2. They still suffer from the same issues before the update. Also, no cannon skills have cast times. They have charge times, but they have always had them.

And, yes, no more Revealing Scope.

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Bards help the group by giving mana.  Their penguin forms have longer cds than Sorc's sleep so they use it sparingly when pulls turn really bad.  Also their Song of destruction and ThroneSong are the ones which help the group.  While they have heals, their heals have long animations so not as effective.  Otherwise they don't debilitate much.  Their strength still lies in dps

Chanters do help through mantras.  Their knockdowns, slow atk/cast speed helps a bit against normal mobs but useless against boss mobs.  Their group shield also help somewhat when there are bad pulls.  Chanters also help heal and their fast cast skill is useful for magic users.  Otherwise, chanters are more to buff up the group rather than debilitate.

Its the SM which does most of the debilitating in this game.  They stun, they silence, they fear, they remove buffs, they slow.  Of course, alot of it won't work on boss mobs.


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For cleric, it depends on the situation.

Duo:  you might be hybrid or you might be support depending on who you group with.  if you duo in CoE, then you would be agressive

Solo:  you would be dps so it would be aggressive

Group/Alliance:  you would be in support 

One thing for sure.  For each situation, you would be changing your stigmas which means you will spend quite a bit of kinah 

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