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Ncwest team.


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13 hours ago, Aly-DN said:

Was thinking the same thing.

You mean on EK you have a staff member taking questions every night? Answering questions from the player base?

Wow. Just wow.

So the new server we were not supposed to have where players have spent thousands of $$ to outgear anyone else foolish enough to roll there and that will 100% have to be merged into another server at some point throwing those players who stayed on their old servers into chaos.. the MISTAKE server.. is getting special treatment?

9 years into this game and having weathered idiocy after idiocy and yet I am still able to be amazed by further bad decisions.

Your comment is packed of stupidity. 

It's not a mistake server, 80% of the server can agree they wouldnt even reinstall aion if there wasnt a new server. 

They got new people, returneers with this new server, nyerking it up with unintelligent developing its other thing.

They started greatly to fall undeground with this garbage events.

Let me make it clear for your single neruon thinking brain, most people in "mistake" server is new, so they got more questions. QA is here also to check on faction balances at siege, since theres also veteran players that just returned he listens to the feedback, statments that are actually helpful unlike the opinion you got right from your ass.

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Let's not derail another thread by exchanging silly insults. I think a lot of good feedback is happening here, but it gets lost in the shuffle when the playerbase seems more interested in puffing out their chests and verbally attacking one another. We are ALL frustrated with the current state of the game and the lack of open communication with staff. Let us not take it out on each other.

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On 06/12/2018 at 5:47 PM, Aly-DN said:

What feedback are we talking about?

The numerous discussions on the forums that come from both races on all three servers or just the private conversation that you all seem to be having with the EK Elyos? Is there something special about that portion of the player base that they get to have direct contact with you guys while the rest of us get "we are looking into it" now and again?

Could you at the very least provide the rest of us with a transcript of what was asked and the answers in these conversations with EK Elyos?

And ofc I don't need to (but I am going to because I am that shocked at this latest turn of events) point out that we have been told that NCWest staff members play EK Elyos and now we find out that that server and race are getting special treatment.

Damn. I just don't know. This just smells so bad.

Actualy QA was on the Asmodian side aswell. I was online when it happened, before rerolling back to Elyos.

28 minutes ago, Shokhan-DN said:

It would be much nicer if ncwest only did the translation of the game and the conversion of the Korean currency to the North American, but they want to make their own way with this Luna and other things not at all pleasant

This! KR should remove the middleman.

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3 hours ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

I thought NCwest is just a branch of NCsoft no? Like 100% owned and controlled by Ncsoft?

I'm not sure about that. I think they can make their own decisions regarding BCM, events and such. I don't think that they are controlled, as per say, by KR. But yes, KR owns NCwest.

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3 hours ago, Shaperz-DN said:

Can we send a letter from aion NA community to ncsoft in korea, to tell them how things are bad here and if they are aware of it?

I think it is a bit too late for this. The Devs here seem to be determined to run this game into the ground. Their lack of substantive communication, ignoring bugs unless they affect the BCM store, giving out buggy events that have mobs spawning in trees and walls. Yea, everything to me points to a game massively mismanaged by the NA team. I don't expect anything to get any better anytime soon. They can't even fix minor bugs in a reasonable time period. There is no way they can correct the mess that this game has become. The best they can do is remain in a cycle of constant discussions about the issues.

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On 06/12/2018 at 5:04 PM, Cyan said:

I understand you guys have a lot of questions and feedback and the simple truth is right now we don't have the answers you are looking for, yet. I can assure you guys that we are monitoring your feedback and having discussions with the developers. I know discussions with the developers isn't the same as changes in game and I wish I could tell you all that no changes are coming, or all changes are coming, but sometimes it's hard to know when or how things will be making it into the game. When we have more concrete information available we will be sure to share it with you all.

There's a lot of moving parts when it comes to publishing a game like Aion, and if one of those parts aren't moving as fast as the others it slows the entire process down. 

Cyan, if you have any desire to help, do something that is basic. The most basic and with the least effort.

I suggest something that does not depend on programmers and that does not take more than 5 minutes of your time. Less time than this one you took to write.

Fix a new probability to Enchantment. Anything reasonable so that everyone can get +15 on their equipment. Only that. Nothing more than that.

Stop all you and all the AION staff are doing and do it. This minimum ...

How this is so basic and I do not understand why there is progress.

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4 hours ago, Ksara-DN said:

 does not depend on programmers and that does not take more than 5 minutes of your time.

Fix a new probability to Enchantment

yeah uh I don't think you can fix that in less than 5 minutes

however this, you can definitely fix in under 2 min:

pls and thx

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