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[TENACIOUS] Katalam/Asmoidan: Now recruiting all casual & friendly players


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We're not here to dominate the game.  We like to play competitively and to progress, but we do it in our style, at our pace, so that the game is fun and does't take the appearance of a second job.  We like to explore dungeons and harder content by trying to figure it out on our own.  We'll run dungeons even if we are under-geared, just to see how far we can get.

We follow the gear progression and dungeon progression of the new Aion 6.0 but we don't stress about it, as well as participate in the fortress battles and PvP.

Basically, we love Aion and we're here to have fun playing it.  If you are looking for a small guild of friendly and outgoing players who help each other, play together and stay together, then check us out!

There are about a dozen or so playing (with more of our own members about the start as well), but we usually all play at the same time ... during the US-EST evening hours, I'd say between 7pm EST and Midnight.  Quite a few more hours on the weekends, and and we have a couple of late night and daytime players as well.  

Enjoy your time in Aetria

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