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Backlash is (hopefully) Coming

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NCWest I do not know if folks over there are keeping up with other games but EA and Bethesda are taking a nerking beating right now from gamers.  Two recently launched AAA games are already steeply discounted (the same as server merges for MMO's IMO.), and Battlefront 2 actually started a government crackdown in Europe.  The reaction from Bethesda and EA/Dice has been nothing short of head scratching, as if they had no idea this was coming and completely taken aback.  EA stock is plummeting and Bethesda is in the middle of one of the worse PR disasters in the company's history.  (However the memes are hilarious.)

I hope this rise up by gaming consumers, finally figuring out how markets work, continues and if it does sooner or later it will hit the MMO market.

So NCWest you have 1 or 4 choices:

A. Knock some sense into NCSoft Korea to give y'all more independence with the game in order to make changes needed for the NA market

B. Start training your PR department to not go into full panic mode when/if it does hit.

C. Cut your loses and abandon Aion.

D. Pray to google so gamers go back to take my money mode and all this goes away.

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