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1 hour ago, Aly-DN said:

Magic classes are better if you have a high ping.

High ping sucks all around, nothing is better. I have lagged so hard that after I hit treble cleave and it finally dropped 5 secs after. Naw nty. Honestly I don't get how people with high ping play these games but then I heard "word I can not say" are pretty nice.

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I am playing with a high ping since 2009. :) I use Battleping but still, my ping always is in the 300.

I have no problems playing my sin or any others of my characters, it's also true that I cannot do any PvP but it's okay by me I just wish that the PK would not insist in killing me over and over and not able to do my quests, but I got used to it. If I get killed or gerzed too much I just leave the game and do something else.

My wish is that Aion would do as many other games do, which is the possibility to choose to PvP or PvE. Lakrum starts to be only PvP so I am thinking to go back to GW2 where all my legion friend have gone since I'm left alone here in an empty legion. :( 

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