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I've moderated forums before and yes I've locked threads before.  But to just lock the thread and don't even post in it why it is being locked?  The people are looking for answers.  Worst thing you can do is just lock threads and not say anything.  It only makes us believe less in how this place is run.  I've played Aion since it first came out, I know there are jackturds out there just complaining, but can someone say SOMETHING about what the nyerk is going on?

Oh and $10 says this thread gets locked too with no explanation....

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50 minutes ago, Cyan said:

If a thread is locked it's because there's another thread discussing that topic already (and usually on the front page), or it's low effort and offering no hope for constructive discussion.

Low effort of no hope..... sounds dooooming!

Thanks for clearing that up!

And I guess I owe someone $10

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4 hours ago, Aly-DN said:


It's much more fun to believe it's all just a big conspiracy, Cyan. Stop being rational.


This is rich coming from someone who was falsely accusing people of buying their accounts, assuming that Unbeatable is way more geared than he actually is, and assuming that players that rerolled on EK were not looking for a fresh/fair start. You should probably leave your tinfoil hat at home and start being rational first before you tell others to do the same.

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