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AION players. I think it's all or nothing.

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I invite you to make a decision.

We need the stones up to +15 to work, right? And that's our top priority. You agree?

So you as a customer need to send a message to NCS.

You must suspend any purchase with real money. You should not put a single penny in AION until this is corrected.

If you do not do this the game will end anyway. So we need to press now or it will soon be too late.

The frustration with this is so great that this taking many players away from this game. We need to unite. We need to do something or it will be game over for everyone. 

You dont like this? ok! I accept suggestions. What we can to do?

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14 hours ago, Neleth-KT said:

I suggest everybody should find a new game to play and don't look back that's how you can protest without getting yourself stressing.

Pretty much what I did. Been at this too long to waste precious emotions over what cannot be controlled. In a way I'm grateful Aions become what it has. Its forced me to broaden my horizons.

Had never played FF14 for example. Installed, tried it...immediately uninstalled Aion. Oh what I have missed...

So thanks NCsoft, from the bottom of my wallet...er...I mean heart.



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I agree with Topico that we need our items to reach + 15, we also need new ways to get legendary enchant stones,

NC does not care what the players want, Cyan comes here and says the same thing always, something about developers and nothing more, always the same, I do not spend anything else with this game, as said above it will Fail of any We'll let Cyan Hime play with the NPCs.

Another thing is topics about 7.0 that should not go out so early in NA and people make these Topics stand above what really matters.

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