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Spiritmaster rotation

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Try use this spreadsheet to pick skills for your rotation

I don't main a SM, but maybe consider keeping these skills on cooldown as much as possible?

Keep Erosion up and keep spamming Inescapable Choke / Vacuum Chain Explosion Lv 200 if you have it?

If not, then the following?

  • Weaken Spirit Lv 7 -> Element Smash / Elemental Smash Lv 2
  • Soul Surge / Soul Theft Lv 200 / Soul Torrent Lv 1
  • All of your pet attacks


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If you have the Inescapable Choke Davanion skill, try this rotation in the video:


If you don't have the skill, take a look at my 5.8 rotation. It's slightly different from 6.2, but overall it should be similar. I'm not perfect, but if you have any questions, I can try to help you.


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i used to play sm casually for pve purposes only, and i found it enjoyable compared to a sorc. A few things i'd like to add which might be beneficial, using MI to strip the dots at the right time for added damage. In addition to always keeping sandblaster and erosion weaving every 3secs, you can MI strip the IP + CoW on its last tick (for IP) for added damage. After, reapply the IP+CoW+sandblaster+erosion as its off cd by then. Be careful of stripping off your IP just after casting it. Otherwise use all pet skills and nukes in between as usual. This sort of rotation is something i just theory crafted and havent really tested, but it made sense when i read the tooltip. Just another thought for consideration.

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