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Chanter - Best stuff..?


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Hi fellas,

I recently re-started Aion on my chanter and got level 80. I was wondering what was the stuff I should farm by now since I got told there were three colour stuff (Y, P, R)..? I am (or was) a pvp player before i stopped playing, any advice out here?


Thanks a lot!

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Hey Ekho. :)

Red (ultimate) is best, followed by purple (legendary), with yellow (ancient) being the worst/starter.

For pvp, do your weekly camp quests. There are 2 light blue quests at each camp that give you 30 genesis crystals each. Use these genesis crystals to buy the pvp gear from the npcs in Lakrum home base. As a chanter, you'll want ancient vindicator armor/accessories and ancient inquisitor weapon.

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