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In Memory of Instagib

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This is so sudden.. Hopea, I'm so sorry, please accept my condolences and stay strong. I can only imagine what it took to let us know, but thank you for telling us; Gib may have passed, but he isn't truly gone so long as we remember him.

I'll always remember the days of Icethorne where the two of you obliterated any Elyos that seemed to come your way.

Much love,


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Hey guys, This is really hard for me to write but I know that quite a few of you knew him and some of you considered him a friend, and Aion was a part of his life, so it felt like you should know

I am sorry to hear this.My thoughts and prayers are with you. I remember running ID with you and Gib a few times and always had fun; you were both great to hangout with. He was a super cool laid back

I had so much fun fighting you both and calling each other bad, it was really few of the game that made it fun, it’s really sad we will never be able to again. My condolences, great player and by

oof... Its been a while that I left Aion community but I got this shitty news on Discord 
My condolences, I remember fighting him a few times and im sure he was a good guy.

Only time eases such pain.  I went through 3 big losses recently and one was just too painful to watch so I feel ya ...
I'm sending you some good energy to help you to go through such terrible situation.

rest in peace gib

---LIcht (chanter from old Tiamat server)

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5 hours ago, Hopea-EK said:

Hey guys,

This is really hard for me to write but I know that quite a few of you knew him and some of you considered him a friend, and Aion was a part of his life, so it felt like you should know. Instagib/Gib/Tim passed away in the morning of December 4th from pulmonary embolism. It was very sudden, and I still cannot comprehend how it could have happened. He was my best friend and the closest person I have ever had. I miss him terribly, and I hope that no matter how you felt about his in-game character you will remember him well.

Thank you.

Wow, sry to hear this. someone i looked up to in Aion, although was never close to him. 

I remember seeing a  sorc toon named Gib like a month ago, and i whispered him: "you must be instagib, right ?" He replied,  "yeah, it's me. Didn't think people would remember." I said, "Dude, remember ? I'm your fan".

 I thought the last days that he would have left for another server. Could not have imagined something like this. :(

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Damn, that is really sad to read. When I returned to Aion in 6.0, I had a conversation with a guild member about the sorc that was a massive pain in the ass to fight by baiting your remove shock and then proceeding to destroy you. I played Aion in the 4.0 days when EB was the big thing and he always "hunted" people there and mostly solo too. I absolutely hated fighting him and I lost more fights than I won against him.

Rest in Peace man. I'll drink one for you.

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rest in piece my old rival, i'll never forget those times we fought in aion, i remember always patrolling the elyo maps just so i could have a open world encounter with you :')                   Wishing you well hopea and his family.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       you will be forever missed and never forgotten :>



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This is so heart breaking... so sorry for your loss Hopea and to his family.

It makes me cry...really sad that he was not able to pull through it. I had PE last year and was confined in ICU for 7 days. It is a silent killer. Oh how I wish and pray he was able to pull it through.

I am sure he is in heaven now at peace. 

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Hope, I am so sorry to hear this. He was a great person, good player and he seemed to treat you wonderfully. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and the families in this trying time. Playing with you guys, especially in that dome static was a memorable time for me in Aion.


Once again I'm sorry for your loss, he will be missed and remembered.



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Damn, been awhile since i quit aion myself, but i remember Instagib well, never knew him personally as i was typiclly on the other side fightin him, many great memories of pvpin against him and friends with friends.....sorry to hear about this, but if i can say anything be happy and always remember what was memories are forever, and try to not sad about what isn't. Cheers everyone and happy holidays. 


ps you any of you who arent already friends there can find me on facebook if you ever so desire to say hello facebook.com/dubyooc 

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I'm so, so, sorry for your loss Pessi. This is extremely heart breaking to hear. Can't even imagine what you're going through right now. My deepest condolences.

I've had so many fond memories playing with you both. Gib was always an exceptional player and person-- so skilled, yet so humble, wholesome and thoughtful. I remember all those days when we would run ID or PVE instances together. I remember the times when Gib would have to leave in the middle of instances to pick you up on time. You guys were such a great example of what it was to be a gaming couple. Since you both had quit Aion from a while back, whenever a new game would come out, I would always hear from other friends that you both were playing. It was always more motivating to maybe try out the new game knowing you both would be a part of that community. Now I wish I had actually played them; I wish I reached out sooner. Missed playing with you both a lot.

Gib will always be missed and remembered. He was the best of us-- a true legend and inspiration. Stay strong Pessi, and thank you for sharing. 

Much, much love. 
- Funkeln

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I'm so sorry to hear this Pessi. 

My interactions with you guys were generally brief but always warm and inviting. Yourself and Gib really added to the close community we had on Siel. It was nice to have played with you guys in the old days whilst I(and a lot of others) were more active.

I appreciate you sharing this, I know it was tough. I've always wondered what happened to members of the BI/Vs All/AD and friends group, and sadly, I know now that Gib is no longer with us. My deepest condolences to yourself and Gib's family. 

He'll be missed dearly.



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