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In Memory of Instagib

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Hey guys, This is really hard for me to write but I know that quite a few of you knew him and some of you considered him a friend, and Aion was a part of his life, so it felt like you should know

I am sorry to hear this.My thoughts and prayers are with you. I remember running ID with you and Gib a few times and always had fun; you were both great to hangout with. He was a super cool laid back

I had so much fun fighting you both and calling each other bad, it was really few of the game that made it fun, it’s really sad we will never be able to again. My condolences, great player and by


My Condolences. This is very hardening to hear. I didn't know Gib at a deep personal level, but I knew enough about to to say that he was a awesome person, inside and out. May his soul rest in peace as I'm sure he's in a better place now.

Just remember that no matter what happens, his life and memories will live on forever. If there's anything WE, as a community can do, let us know, please.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Tim's family.


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When I started playing aion 4 years ago I watched you two in awe. You and Gib were such incredible players I truly never thought I would get the chance to play along side you two one day. I will never forget the times we spent together as a static when BR first came out and the short yet incredibly fun and memorable experiences we shared playing revelation online together. Gib was incredibly kind and had a very witty sense of humor. I am very happy and grateful I got to meet him and play along side him all these years. He will always be remembered as an aion legend, a great friend and above all else, an incredible human being. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Pessi and if you ever want to reach out I am always a discord message away. 


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My heart just sunk, I'm so sorry for your loss and his families. I am also sorry for anyone that never got a chance to see Instagib in action. I remember years ago being taken to an EB and not being able to make it by myself. Instagib came running over the ice and just cleaned the way for me He wasn't even going to the run but was happy to help anyone. So sad to hear this news, he truly was what aion was all about and will forever remain in players hearts.



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This is so sad to hear. Gib was such a great person and player in aion. Hopea he will be miss greatly. Condolences to Gib family.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Mittens                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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My sincerest condolences to you and his family Hopea, I was a long time subscriber to his YouTube channel. Never encountered him as I wasn't on Siel but I routinely took notes of his rotations and decision making to make my Sorcerer better as his PVP skills were top tier.  May god bless his soul, the Aion community will miss him.

- Bloodbury


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Deepest Condolences from Divinus SIEL (old school legion)

I had just heard about this news and wanted to give condolences on behalf of Divinus.  He definitely enjoyed his pvp.  Made friends with one of our Healers.
He was always a good battle, and he always kept coming back.   All in good fun.   He was very always a top priority target and he knew it. :D  It was great fun at the time for the both of us I'm sure.

We're talking AION 1.0-2.5 
I don't play or post on these forums anymore. 
But I'll jump on here to give my regards to a great player, pvp'er. fond memories.

-Snuggles (Siel) 

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I´m so sorry for your lost. My condolences to you, family and friends. :( 

As an Elyo from Siel I remember him. Obviously my memories does not include talks or instances. I was one of the players who died a lot in open world PvP trying to run away. He was a good player. Really good on PvP and one of my references when I talk about sorcerers in PvP. Even If he killed me a lot of times, I respected him. 

I hope you can find some strength in this moment. Keep walking and take him in your memory thinking in the good times. 

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Hello Hopea,

This is Crush. I just found out about this tragedy now. I'm so sorry, I know how close the two of you were.  

I have so many happy memories of Tim that I will cherish even more from now on. 

Rest in peace Tim. I'm so glad for the countless hours in vent we had together with Hope, Archi, Shife and many more. 

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