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Enchantment Stones remains only in deception


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1 hour ago, Saru-DN said:

Então ... você fez um tópico porque você falhou ... 2 pedras

voltar quando você falhou 150 pedras lendárias e acabar no mesmo local em que você começou

You've seen my tumble, but you do not know how my knee is.

If I do the count ... It is likely that I have already used more than 2,000 Ancient stones and more than 150 Legendary stones in a single item and nothing. I do not have a single Legendary garment from the day that AION 6.2 was released.

From my point of view the AION 6.x is a deconstruction of this game. The AION is being dismantled from the inside out and the consequence is an aberration that is not pleasing.

Unsurprisingly, the MMO market is bad now, but some companies will suffer more than others. Blizzard (for example) fell 47% in a few months and EA dropped 45%. I'd rather not talk about the shares on the NCSOFT to not suffer retaliation, but the problems of these three companies is the same. They do not listen to the customer.

Recently Blizzard thought to make up for their financial slump by embracing the Chinese market, but they forgot to combine that with the Government. Then his myopia took his version 8.1 to the largest number of dislike (in youtube video) in history.

Something similar is happening with NCS as well. Some think in changing jobs, but they are not paying attention to the market signals. The trend is a general reduction in jobs linked to MMO games because companies turned their backs on their  customer.

If the customer (responsible person in bringing money / revenue to the company) is not important. The inevitable happens.

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