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4 hours ago, 1sC4995-KT said:

I would like to inform you that I will soon be returning to the old Siel server. Now migrating to Katalam Server.

Jhyatsu (Templar Brigadier/ lvl 72 / Katalam Server)


Aion Team!


I had to log in just to give you an alert,
do not come back, it means knowing who you are and able to respond badly but in fact this post here on yours is to show NCsoft how much I'm indicating her game

Do not come back, you'll waste your time.

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9 hours ago, StaNooblaitK-KT said:

Eu nunca estive tão animado em toda a minha vida de aion. Eu quero ser a primeira pessoa que você corre um coe, fm, bos com meu bom amigo pls pls.

Love all the larvae, insects and flies. They are also good creatures. Hahahahaha

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