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PVP enchantment rates


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I just wanted to take a moment and vent my frustration and disgust at just how pathetically bad you (NCSOFT) have made the enchantment rates on pvp gear especially.  I spent the last 1.5 months running instances to collect and save up hundreds of ancient pvp enchantment stones.   I wasn't expecting much but I wanted to see just how bad it really was and how everyone was talking about it.  So I decided to just take one single piece of armor that I had already at +12 my winged tunic (got through exchange) and see if I could get it to +15.  wasn't expecting much I don't think, just 3 levels above where it was at so I could purify it and have one single piece of legendary pvp gear.  So I let it rip through all of my hundreds of ancient pvp stones and many  legendary pvp stones I had as well, not to mention tons of kinah only to end up at +13.   You have destroyed this game to an unimaginable level that is completely disgusting and unbelievable.   What the heck are you thinking?  Just how badly you could discourage players from even trying to achieve anything?   This is totally ridiculous and annoying as hell are you trying to encourage players to leave the game.  This is really crappy and worse than 5.8 by 100x.  NC Soft you are a joke!  a very bad joke...

I only have one request... stop screwing all players and make a system that is a little more reasonable.  I don't want to have to play for 5 more years just to get one piece of pvp armor to legendary.  The anger I feel right now toward this game is off the charts and no one should feel this way about a game that is suppose to be reasonable to play and achieve things you need to have.  Fix it please!!!!!!

My .02 cents 

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They should make it so that once you reach +10, your level doesn't drop anymore upon failure. Or stop reducing the enchant level from +1 to +15 alltogether when it fails.

Then I'm ok with rates of 28% success rate.

You'll burn stones as well but you can still reach +15 that way.

Just let the stone be destroyed but keep the level.

Wasting 100 stones to finally reach +13, then one failure and it drops to +10 again, that's just bullshit.

That means you didn't just lose the previous 100 stones but the next 100 stones as well to get up to +13 again.

When the level doesn't drop anymore, then rates could be down to 10% above +10 for all I care, just stop wasting our progress by punishing your gear to drop back to +10 on every fail.

Setting enchant rates higher doesn't really make up for it like they do in 6.5, you'll still get punished when it fails, the only benefit is you'll get a bigger chance to reach +15 with less stones.


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im done with this game when u got to farm some craft material always have 1 zerg asmodian to kill me, but okay its a part of game fun but when im done my farm and i cant fcking trade to my another char account?????????????? how i suppouse to get itens on my cleric? cuz it had not enough dps to farm any like 1 glad or another dps class and when u put that fcking craft mats always u got stolen on broker cuz its are only 1 way to trade for another char -.._ fck u ANYCSOFT 300 legendary guiding stones on the rubbish cuz u fck players with u rubbish changes. im done with u if u dont change this crap i wont will play it anymore _)_


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