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I get the impression that AION is getting empty.

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The hoard of people who went to EK wouldn't have came back at all without a new server. Now, with the right moves (which for some reason Ncwest can never figure out, even if we lay a clear plan down to them point by point), NA can keep those players active, playing and paying. Won't happen but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well, financially for NCSoft, EK is a big big hit. I doubt people in older servers are spending as much as the people in EK.

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I really want to see an Aion "Classic" Server, with deep gathering and crafting involved as well as questing as it had been on its best times years ago (Pre-3.0). Make Coins great again. And I totally miss Altgard / Impetusium as well as Morheim:


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