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Real Life Picture Thread

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2 hours ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

You can post pics. Bottom right, insert other media.

And because Tiamat destroyed everything. Short story, lots of drama in the Tiamat thread led to all RL pics being banned for years. 


We were not that bad!  Wai you gotta do me like that ? I thought we were friends ?.

And well creepers will be creepers don't post something if you got stuff to hide or videos elsewhere ? ... that's a user error.


Edit:  I guess I can't do so from a cellular device ???

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4 hours ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

That was the short story. The long one is more sordid, and the CMs got tired of dealing with it and banned everything about it until recently. It was Tiamat who literally destroyed everything lol and were quite proud of it.

Tiamat: We Know Drama

Teehee!  This is true.

But it was fun though... Tiamat was the business sooooo fun!


Does Kerridwen still play?  What about Scream... Man OOOOOO does Aeros play?  Gosh I am excited...



YAAAS Finally got it to work... LOOK AT MY BLASIAN SELF!  Mhmm Mhmmm Mmmmmm xD


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