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I still don't get it.

Yes. You won't get far in an MMO if you don't make friends or join a legion/guild. They are called "multiplayer" games for a reason. You can't sit in your own little bubble like you would in a single player game and expect to succeed. 

I 100% place my friends and my legionmates ahead of anyone else in Aion. I always will. And the reason I continue to play Aion is because of my friends and my legionmates.

So in a real way, friends and legions/guilds are the savior of MMOs.

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absolutely, im sorry, with the way the instances are now,and lack of gear, i would much rather run with a group of friends/legion mates, and help them get geared. People i played with together before, not some random pug, that swears they're experienced, and you spend 2 hrs in 1 instance. I would also prefer helping my friends/legion mates in pvp. People that make friendships and play together work together as a team. I dont see why you would be so intent to go at everything alone. Risk getting your drop ninja'd by someone you had to carry, or is a total stranger to you. Bet you'd just prefer Aion to be a single player game with a story line, but sorry, this isnt that kinda of game. Also, ever consider the way your attitude is on here towards legions, is probably why you're not in one, or no one will run anything with you, if you're lucky.

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11 minutes ago, Valedia-DN said:

guess those answers proved my point in what really kill mmo's lol

do you even have a point to prove?

Just now, Pabst-KT said:

Instead of being confrontational and accusatory why don't you try being a nice person and making friends instead of trolling lfg all the time. It sounds like your purpose for playing is to troll and complain and that's a you problem not an MMO problem. 

like what he said, you need to try to make friends. do you really expect strangers to come up to you and be all friendly? if so, that is unfortunate.

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guess i am just the better version of the human species and i can live with knowing this fact.

i remember when aion didnt have more than maybe 5 guilds back when it was a sub game

you guys and ur ways ruin games and yall wont admit it so just run this one into the ground seek another and do the same

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First of all - I'm in 3 person guild with 2 inactive players.  My friends list is pretty small and I'm having as good (or bad...) a time as anyone else in this game.  If you do your own thing, do your own thing!   If you want to join a guild, do so!  No need to complain about the other way.


9 minutes ago, Valedia-DN said:

i will remain alone and be happy knowing that i didnt become you.

just go and know that i am a better person than you.


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