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2 hours ago, Valedia-DN said:


have you ever heard you wont get far if u dont join a guild or have friends?

Even joining a Legion won't get you far. My old legion was empty everybody left for other games so I tried some legions and I was left alone all the time, ignored and be told to gear up if I wanted to join them, also because I am not good at all at PvP some leaders said it would be better if I left....so kind to not kick me out instead. >:(

So now I'm alone again but I feel much better. :)

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I have my own legion, just me in it. I have been in a couple of what were bigger legions at one time, they split up and are gone now. Kinda think I am bad luck for other legions lol. Friend list is all like 2A32KLM type names none above level 65. My play time has become erratic for this game, however when I am on I try to help faction or just join QE groups, not unfriendly at all. Nothing wrong with friends joining up making pre-mades, legions, whatever, it is what the experience is about. I have been a loner for quite some time and blame no one but me for it, still have fun. Honestly some the most fun groups I have been in were pugs. Still miss "Sneakies" the most, that was a fun bunch of Aussies right there.

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i am not blaming myself for having to play alone cuz just like u i prefer to play games alone rather than being in a legion that does wrong and in order to remian in said legion u must agree or else and thats the same way friends treat none friends in this game  but who is willing to see that

i was thinking about having someone as a friend but as we got to talking she mentioned that she has a friend thats just like me and we would get along great but when i met that person she said something and i respond with something funny but the main friend didnt get the joke and told her friend to stop talking to me and her friend did just that so base on that what do u think a friend or a legion member really is if not just a follower 

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I think its because people like you expect that people should  carry just because you play the game is killing the game lol.

We all want to be the person who gets invited to everything by the ''good'' gang/legion. Guess what? Nothing will happen like that

Do I want to be invited to IDD/PF/PvP.. etc since static groups are hard to come by? Sure but I wont get salty if I dont

Honestly I would rather help people who I know than random strangers. I think the people who reject inviting me feels the same way.So I think its stupid to get mad about it.


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The truth is that people today act selfishly. Each one wants to get things for himself. The goal is to outdo each other.

I know about some help, but everything is temporary and transient. This is because the game has undergone a very strong cultural change.

Formerly there was the formation of groups with affinities and nowadays the most important is the GEAR.

Formerly having a legion was a sign of prestige, nowadays this is not important.

The reason for all this change of culture happened due to changes in the game.

Before of AION 5.x (version) the people joined together in affinity groups and played cooperatively. Then came the arenas and this threw people against each other. With the arenas, fights broke out. Fights of people of the same group, of the same legion. The form of the cooperative game was altered and the egos inflated. The new SIEGES did not allow the formation of groups. The groups were formed from the order of arrival and the leaderships were divided. Arrogance gained strength because it was not possible to build a hierarchy among the legions. The PVP and PVE of the game has changed. Most do not play anymore thinking about the group, but... play thinking about itself.

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so you can understand that the problem i have is with the people and how they go about things which is wrong and its this wrong that im fighting to change but no one is willing to change but find it easier to call someone a troll which i find to be the dumbest thing like ever.

they need to understand that when change happens be it good or bad and u change with it that says alot about their character as a person providing its a change of bad so i guess what im trying to say is stop letting negative changes change who you are especially if ur not negative inside

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20 minutes ago, Valedia-DN said:

então você pode entender que o problema que eu tenho é com as pessoas e como elas vão sobre as coisas que estão erradas e é tão errado que estou lutando para mudar, mas ninguém está disposto a mudar, mas acho mais fácil chamar alguém de troll que eu acho ser a coisa mais idiota como sempre.

eles precisam entender que quando a mudança acontece é bom ou ruim e eu mudo com ela que diz muito sobre o seu caráter como uma pessoa fornecendo uma mudança de ruim então eu acho que estou tentando dizer é parar de deixar mudanças negativas mudar quem você é especialmente se você não for negativo dentro

Your challenge is to find people.

People who regardless of the culture of the game, are able to see in the relationship with you something stronger.

Do not try to change other people. Meet new people. People with the same affinity as you. This is my advice.

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19 hours ago, Valedia-DN said:

i was thinking about having someone as a friend but as we got to talking she mentioned that she has a friend thats just like me and we would get along great but when i met that person she said something and i respond with something funny but the main friend didnt get the joke and told her friend to stop talking to me and her friend did just that


just curious here. are comments like these below your idea of ''something funny'' ?  well yeah... no doubt ppl will run away from you



21 hours ago, Valedia-DN said:

guess i am just the better version of the human species and i can live with knowing this fact.

you guys and ur ways ruin games and yall wont admit it so just run this one into the ground seek another and do the same


21 hours ago, Valedia-DN said:

i will remain alone and be happy knowing that i didnt become you.

just go and know that i am a better person than you.


definitely that guy made a good call advising her friend that way.

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On 18/12/2018 at 3:02 PM, Valedia-DN said:

Before jumping down meh throat try to consider how u treat those not in ur guild or on ur friend list.

I believe if you don't have friends in the game that actually rather go with you than randoms at this point, and if you are not new, there must be a powerful reason about yourself for that.

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Lone wolf - reroll Chanter, but I guess since you are a ranger it's close enough.

Please keep in mind Aion is mostly a group based game, and will continue to be a group based game. A solution to the OP I see is - either be so good that you stand out amongst the weeds when you run instances or PVP, so that even if you are a loner, people will still auto invite you (I can think of a few individuals like that off the top of my head); or join a legion and make friends who all share a common sense of community with you.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a loner as far as they go (I like to think of myself as self-sufficient). But at some point you have to recognize you can't take the game on all on your own. This thread seems like you are barking up the wrong tree.

What truly kills MMOs are lack of playerbase, horrible payment schemes, poor in game content/lack thereof. To say friends and "guilds" (aion uses legions btw, which makes me think you are a newer player simply trolling/complaining), are what are ruining Aion is definitely laughable.

If you wan't to be solo forever, you can always play Skyrim...

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I repeated myself at some points - Pika
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